Thursday, April 1, 2010

Slavery and the mass mindset


Slavery in the true sense never disappeared, it has just changed. The chains have been replaced with cubicles and the only difference is that you now hold the keys to your own prison and you gladly, and willing incarcerate yourself.

The masters controlled the land in the old days and the people that worked the land, today they control skyscrapers and the people that work in them. What has changed? They have just sugar coated the deal. They provided individuals with the illusion that they were free, i.e. no longer tied to the masters who owned the land. Notice how many individuals gladly and proudly speak of working for a company for 20 plus years. The average person starts to work (we won’t count odd jobs that one might do while one is a teenager or while one is attending college) roughly at say 21-23 years of age, and they work until roughly 65 years. Thus roughly the average person works for 42 years, in this time the average vacation is roughly 1 ½ month, so in 42 years you get 63 months of vacation, which works out to roughly 5.25 years of time to do sit down and relax. Is this really freedom? One has just given the most valuable years of one’s life to have enough so that one can live a so called comfortable life in the worst years of one’s life. They called retirement the golden age, but it should be called the Bronze Age, for one has just given up gold in exchange for bronze. So is there any solution; yes there is, all one has to do is look for one.

In order to break free from the physical and mental prison one needs to see one’s predicament and only in seeing can one formulate a plan. It’s for this reason why most will never break free, why the mass mindset will always dominate, and why the same old tricks and scams work again and again. Ask yourself this question. Do you really think the top individuals are that stupid? Why is it, they never seem to learn from history, why is it that governments for some strange reason keep making the same mistake again and again? The truth is that they are not stupid; in a nefarious manner of speaking, they are in fact brilliant. They know that the masses forget, they learn nothing and that through the use of greed and fear they can achieve anything. It’s for this reason we will always have booms and super busts. Every cycle is engineered in advance.

This is a very long and deep topic, so we are only just scratching the surface but to bring about change all it takes is a desire to want the change. Thus if this topic has stirred enough interest, it has served its purpose for finding a solution is the easy part.

As for what one can do personally. As we stated before, if one can identify the problem one is more than half way at finding a solution. If you see the game for what it is then you are no longer a slave for you can formulate a way to break free. That is why one should never retire; retirement should be viewed as getting away from what you had to do, to now doing what you love to do. A retired mind is a dead mind.

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